What People Say About Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland



This is the second time I have used Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland and have been
even more impressed the second time around. As usual, you have been the quintessential
professional and your team efficient and dedicated. I was amazed how you managed to sort
through and then display the enormous number of items to be sold. Advertising on 20+ major
USA websites as well as featuring the sale locally resulted in the sale of 85 to 90% of the items
displayed. I was very pleased with the results.

You took the stress off my shoulders and delivered everything you promised. Your
daughter, Amanda, was extremely helpful in selling the remaining items in a Market Sale and
then donating what remained. She made my life a lot easier.

It was a delight working with you, and I would encourage anyone looking to have an
estate sale to enlist in your services. Duke and family are an amazing team.

Thank you so much!
Janet S. Steele
May 2022
I lost my brother to cancer and was tasked with selling his estate in Annapolis, MD. It was absolutely overwhelming emotionally and after six months of trying to sort through it myself and getting nowhere, a friend referred me to Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland. I met with the owner, Duke Spence, and was touched by his compassion. He brought his incredible crew in the following week and in 3 days, they accomplished what would have taken me many more months to accomplish. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable. The sale ran smoothly, and they took care of every little detail. It was such a relief when it was done. I would not hesitate to hire them again and I highly recommend them.
Catherine MacArthur
February 2022

I cannot thank you enough for your services after the passing of my mom, you were very professional, great to deal with and you and your team including Shannon were fantastic! We had 6 weeks from the day we met to take care of an entire house of furniture and personal belongings and you and your team got it done! Thank you so much for everything!
Ronnie Logue, Annapolis, MD
February 2021
You and your team were outstanding. You left the house in excellent condition. People that came to the sale were very impressed with how everything was staged. We are shocked by how much sold. Great work and effort by all. I am certain you will get additional business from our sale.
Jill & Chuck Wadsworth
October 2020
"I consider finding Duke and his family of employees, as no less than a miracle!
I was given the task of emptying my dad and step mothers house, which was packed full of each ones entire life!
The amount of items was overwhelming!
Duke swept into my life and promised me peace of mind, and he and his crew delivered!
They spent an ENORMOUS amount of work pricing, staging and highlighting EVERTHING to it's utmost potential. They brought in their own display cases and lighting and provided a warm and bright shopping experience.
They were amazingly professional and efficient and because of all they did, 80 to 85 % of the contents sold!
I doubt if there are few other companies that are on the level that he and his crew are!
I can't stress enough to anyone that finds themselves in the emotionally painful and overwhelming position to have to empty a house quickly, that they need to call Duke.
Satisfied is not a strong enough word for my experience.
Thank you to you Duke and your family and workers.
And P.S. Your daughter is a chip off the old block! She was adorable!"
Leslie Stancil
March 2020
To: Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland

Thank you Duke!! You and your team did a fantastic job!! Many people commented that your team was extremely friendly and helpful. You and your team were extremely nice to me as I strolled through the rooms. It was very comforting seeing the items go to good homes.

Love your daughter!! I will highly recommend Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland for getting the job done in a professional and respectful manner!
Lynne Collman
February 2020
My husband and I hired Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland to conduct an estate sale for our 8,500 sq.ft. home and we were a bit nervous as we never had an estate sale previously, but a good friend recommended Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland and we can attest to the incredible quality of their staff as well as they almost doubled the lowest estimate they provided us with beforehand! The staff was so well organized and extremely professional that we were very relieved of our anxiety. The whole process put us at ease and there was absolutely no damage to our grass or our home, yet they sold in just 2 days approximately 90% of all items which were for sale. We wholeheartedly recommend Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland to anyone needing a high end estate sale.
John and Tracy Parkerson
December 2019
We loved working with a local, family run business. Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Duke, Shannon and their entire team!
Susan and Jeff Davall
December 2019
5,000 Square foot Waterfront Estate
Hi Duke.
This is the first chance I have gotten today to text you to say thank you so much for being a part of my journey and hosting the auction. You and your staff are kind, knowledgeable and efficient. I am here as a reference if ever needed.

Kim Leahy
November 2019
Sheila McIntee messaged this morning (way to go! Thank you for being super helpful to her & her family ).

“Good morning, Rita. I just wanted to tell you that I consulted with Exclusive Estate Sales of MD and the owner Duke was so helpful. He spent time with me on the phone and helped me determine a price for everything left in my mother’s house. The buyers of the house accepted our offer to take everything, and so I do not have to remove anything but the things I’m taking home. I am SO relieved and SO grateful. Thank you SO much for all your help!!””
Sheila McIntee
October 2019
While in the process of selling our home Duke Spence and Exclusive Estate Sales was referred to us by a neighbor who had used him previously. We were anxious about having an estate sale and had no idea what to expect. At my meeting with Duke he thoroughly explained the process, what to expect and what we needed to do to prepare. He and his knowledgeable staff arrived one week prior to review, establish prices and stage all items. Our home was displayed to resemble a department store!

They arrived promptly the morning(s) of the sale, had plenty of staff monitoring everything and each room, had security at the door and addressed the neighborhood parking concerns so there was no damage to property. They went above and beyond in our opinion.

This was a very stressful time for us, selling 30 plus years of personal possessions. Duke and his staff made this a seamless operation. They were all very professional, caring and respectful of our property and our feelings in the situation and made it much easier than we thought it could be. Duke was thorough, conscientious, fair and kept me off the ledge more than once! Approximately 95% of our belongings were sold which was more than we expected.

We have recommended Duke and Exclusive Estate Sales to anyone who is even considering an estate sale, he knows his stuff! We would definitely use them again if needed.

If you are considering an estate sale do not hesitate to contact Exclusive Estate Sales, you will not be disappointed.
Ed & Kim DeChellis, 9,000 sq.ft. home in Crownsville, MD
September 2019
My wife and I consulted Duke Spence of Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland (EES) to assist us with a unique whole house sale prior to a complete renovation. We requested that everything within the house be deemed sell-able from home-goods to windows, doors and ceiling fans. A marathon of questions and concerns for us, was met in-stride by Mr. Spence in a confident and professional manner.

Mr. Spence was able to provide us with an accurate assessment of earning potential and guided us through all stages of preparation through completion of our sale. We were impressed by his personal approach, clear communication skills and his strong attention to detail. For example, protecting our neighbor’s property through effective parking signage, establishing display tables with custom cloth covers and providing high quality lighting to showcase our items. Further, he possesses a strong knowledge of all topics from carpets and coins to construction and crawlspaces. His understanding and familiarity with everything under our roof gave us peace of mind that our home and items would be well represented.

Mr. Spence is a motivated, optimistic and upbeat leader of EES. His staff reflects and shares the same positive and strong work ethic. They are friendly and honest, showed creativity in staging our sale and handled all customers with professionalism. Everyone is approachable and all tasks were shared with enthusiasm.

Due to construction timing we were obligated to conduct our sale the week after Christmas. My wife and I were concerned that buyer turnout would be low during this time of the year. Further, we were faced with heavy rain, cold temperatures and overcast skies. Despite the timing and weather, we had over 11,000 web site views of our property and had approximately 3000 buyers experience our sale. We had an above average turn out and we sold 90-95% of our inventory including the KITCHEN SINK!!! We are so happy to have chosen EES as their professional presentations and vast advertising network guided us to a highly successful sale! Not only did we have the luxury to vacate our home on time and with little excess, we feel we gained a team of friends with Mr. Spence and his staff.

In closing, Duke Spence is a man of integrity, his staff is hard-working and no effort was wasted. His projection of value was accurate and all home-goods including our house were treated with care. Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland receives our highest recommendation.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Duffy
February 2019
In July 2017, thinking that my husband and I were getting a contract for the sale of our house and would need to downsize before our move, I contacted several estate sale companies and had in-depth personal meetings with two, including Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland. Duke Spence and daughter Amanda came to my house, and after meeting with them, I knew their company would be the one to handle my estate sale. Around that time, the contract fell through so I didn’t need their services, but I recommended them highly to two different sets of friends who had just sold their homes and were also downsizing. Both contracted with Duke and their estate sales were great successes. My friends couldn’t have been more pleased with Duke’s services.

As it turned out, I didn’t contract with Duke and his company until October, 2018. Our sale was scheduled for November, and the weekend before Duke and his staff entered our house, and it became a whirlwind! They were wonderful individuals—highly energetic and very knowledgeable about any type of item, from tools in the garage to fine china, crystal, and silver to fine jewelry and art work. Every item was individually priced and beautifully displayed on their cloth-covered tables or lighted display cabinets. I felt as though my home had been transformed into a fine department store or elegant gift shop—well, except for the tools. Though the tools wouldn’t have been found in a gift shop, they also were priced individually and displayed on tables in the garage, and that turned out to be the first place visited by most of the men who came to the sale!

On the days of the sale, Duke’s staff arrived early and ready to work. I can’t speak highly enough about each one of them: they were kind, professional, interacted well with the visitors to the sale and knew how to sell. As items sold, they were recorded individually and at the end of the sale, I received a full accounting of each item that sold and for what price. The sale itself and the accounting and distribution of proceeds afterwards was handled with the utmost integrity.

I have since recommended Duke Spence and Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland to several other friends and I will continue to do so. I truly cannot imagine having any other company handle an estate sale!
Carolyn O'Leary (Annapolis, MD)
February 2019
In early 2018, my wife and I signed a contract with Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland. We were selling our house and moving to a new home out of state. An important part of the move was downsizing, requiring us to part with several pieces of furniture and other items in our house. A friend of ours who had moved several months earlier recommended we contact Duke Spence of Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland and have an estate sale.

Our experience with Duke was extraordinary. The professional manner in which he and his crew prepared the house for the sale, handled the sale, and cleaned up after the sale surpassed our expectations. Neighbors who saw the crew arrive over several days to prepare for the sale were impressed with the number of people involved and the industry with which they did their work.

When we arrived at the house after preparations were complete, we were astounded by how every item was arranged in display cases or on tables covered in linens. It was a literal showcase. When we again returned after the sale, the house had been returned to a pristine state with only a few items unsold.

The sale exceeded our expectations from both a financial and personal perspective. We are extremely pleased and recommend and endorse Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland without reservation.
Ned and Sandy Criscimagna (Annapolis, MD)
September 2018
Thanks so much for this update, Duke. These are fantastic numbers and you and your crew are the reason this sale was so successful. You were all so very professional and may I say, wonderful people inside and out. We couldn't have asked for more and we feel very blessed that you all came into our lives. None of you will ever be forgotten. We have passed our accolades on to many of our friends as they will soon need your services also. Now, if there is ever anything we can do for you all, please let us know. We have one mens black t-shirt to get back to you. So sorry I missed that. Please stay in touch and make sure you have us on your email list.❤❤❤
Rita & Dennis Wells (Millersville, MD)
September 2018
If you are looking for the most professional estate sale company, you need to check out Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland. Duke and his team are exceptionally knowledgeable, customer focused, with the highest integrity.

From the first phone contact to the wrap-up of my parent's sale, Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland’s processes exceeded all expectations. Duke's initial assessment of the materials and sale's goals were perfectly on-target. Staging the house the week before was meticulously performed, with great care in analyzing each household item, pricing, and display, turning the house into a real store. The sale was beautiful and quite a surprising showcase. The team's extensive knowledge in coins, jewelry, antiques, and all collectibles made a significant difference in the success of the sale. Throughout the three day sale the team was delightful, working tirelessly in assisting a very large customer base, and delivering on all sale goals.

My husband and I researched various options and visited live sales held by several companies for comparisons in the area before selection. Without question, Duke and his team surpassed all other companies we visited, through their quality of service and business style - they are 'night and day' above the three other companies we considered.

Since our family's estate sale, we have observed the Exclusive Estate Sales team at multiple events. Their honesty, integrity and commitment to doing the right thing never waivers. They are truly remarkable, results driven leaders with outstanding business acumen - - a First Class business initiative with our highest recommendation.
Stephanie & Dick Schaeffer
June 2018
Recently I had the pleasure of working with Duke Spence of Exclusive Estate Sale of Maryland. It was a difficult time for me, both emotionally with the recent passing of my father and coping with the passing of my mother in June 2015 as I was preparing an estate sale for the contents of their house located in Indian Head, MD. After talking with several companies that provided estate sales I contacted Duke Spence and understanding my situation and time constraints, he found time to meet with me immediately. Duke explained all aspects of the process of an estate sale very thoroughly, covering many things I had not even thought of, and answered all of my questions. He and his team went above and beyond arranging to get the house ready for the sale. The estate sale itself was a great success and he provided the paperwork and proceeds from the sale in a very timely manner. I found him and his team to be highly professional and personable. I would recommend them without reservation.

Indian Head MD
Ed Whitley
June 2018
Hey, just wanted to tell you, you and your crew are phenomenal you exceeded all my expectations, a top of the line operation, from now on if somebody needs a top of the line estate sale company you are my go to guy, I can't thank you and your crew enough. You are unbelievable
Klaus, Owner of Mansion in Frederick, MD
April 2018
Duke and the Exclusive Estate Sales team were organized, professional, knowledgeable, and monitored our sale carefully from start to finish. I interviewed three companies, and Exclusive Estate Sales was by far the best for our needs. Highly recommend them.
Judi and Richard Fey
May 2018
Reisterstown 6500 Square Foot Estate Sale 

In the summer of 2017 we were planning to downsize and move from a large home in Reisterstown to a rowhome in Baltimore.  In doing some research, we concluded that an estate sale would be a worthwhile way of selling everything in our home (accumulated for the past 14 years) and starting anew as ‘urbanites’.

After researching several estate sales companies, and personally meeting with the top 3 in our area, we ultimately decided to go with Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland.

The initial decision was based on a few key factors:

The years of experience that Duke and company had in managing whole house estate sales. This was important as we had no experience.
Duke’s level of knowledge and integrity along with a very successful and detailed business model.
The feedback from past customers that was consistently excellent not only about the overall success of their sales but also the positive feedback about Duke/team’s integrity and comprehensiveness.

We made the right decision! Duke’s team was professional, mature, honest and very accommodating throughout the process from contract review -> set up (they supplied all display cases and tables; thoroughly researched all items for sale to insure proper pricing (there were hundreds of items!) -> meticulous pricing and labeling -> excellent staffing for the weekend of the sale (all experienced professionals) -> crowd management and security -> fair negotiations -> detailed documentation of all inventory and sales results. Essentially, this was a complete turnkey operation.

The end result was more than we could have hoped for. The sales attendance was amazing.  While I was totally skeptical about getting folks to show up, Duke assured me he would drive the traffic. He did!  For 3 days he and team managed everything. Our estate sale was a total success!! We made significant money, had to do very little, and ended up with new friends- Duke, Ann Marie and Amanda!

Without any hesitation I recommend Exclusive Estate Sales for any size or level of sale. The team’s work ethic, patience, knowledge and -above all- integrity, will ensure success for any size sale. We are happy to speak to anyone about our personal experience with Exclusive Estate Sales if you would like any more details.

Thank you, Duke, Annemarie, & Amanda and the Exclusive Estate Sales team for a wonderful experience!

Reisterstown, MD
John and Kim Callari
February 2018
15,000 Sq. Ft. Waterfront Estate Sale
Hiring Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland to run our estate sale was a great experience. The owner, Duke Spence was very accommodating right from the beginning. During our initial consultation he took time to review our inventory and to discuss mutual expectations. We could tell right away that he was experienced and knowledgeable. He hires great people to help him with setup and the actual event. We found them all hardworking and respectful. They set up for the sale beautifully and strategically organized and placed our items to optimize the available space and create interest. During the sale Duke made sure there was enough staff to circulate throughout the whole house to ensure security and assist shoppers. Following the event, we received an itemized accounting of all items sold and a timely payout. The fees charged were commensurate with the time, effort, and resources Exclusive Estate Sales invested in the event. Duke has great work ethics and runs his sales expertly. We highly recommend his services.
Management for the William R. Miller Estate Arnold, MD
December 2017
I discovered Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland after interviewing several estate sale companies and auctioneers concerning my late mother's estate. I have to express how truly grateful I am to be working with them. The Spence family runs a class "A" company. The time and attention to detail taken in handling, preparing and staging my mother's home to conduct the sale was nothing short of amazing. I particularly appreciate the time that was taken with me during our initial consultation. I had limited knowledge of estate sales having only attended one and not having the most positive experience. I wasn't sure what to expect or what people are actually interested in buying. Mr. Spence completed a walk through of my home and was able to determine that my mother had nice things, cared for them and there was indeed a market for her house full of "stuff". Another thing I can appreciate is that Exclusive Estate Sales understands marketing and the "psychology" of a sale. They know where to place various items in the rooms and levels of your home so as not to compete leaving one floor or room overlooked by shoppers. They truly turn your home into a store which translate into a serious and high quality sale. During my recent sale, I overheard so many customers discussing how wonderful a sale it was. Not only the available items, but how my sale was conducted. None of it would have been possible without Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland. I wholeheartedly recommend their services in handling your love one's possessions.
Rosalyn Johnson, Pikesville, MD
August 2016
Great sale at Bay Head Road...well presented and well-staffed.
October 2015
Duke Spence, GG
Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland

Dear Duke:
We are so pleased with the job you and your sales managers performed on behalf of our family and the estate sale. You exceeded our expectations and your dedication showed with everyone was incredible. It was a difficult time for our family and your knowledge, honesty, responsibility and caring made it so much easier to deal with, We gave you a key, and you cleaned out the items that were left over and made donations, consignments and an entire truckload of trash disappear. What a great job! We are truly thankful for the job you all did and have made a great friendship.
Rod & Kathy

Rod & Kathy West Friendship, MD
August 2015